Spare Me, Great Lord


  • Genres:
  •  Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
  • Country:
  •  japan
  • Director:
  • Duration:
  •  12 episodes
  • Year:
  •  2022
  • Actors:

Da Wang Rao Ming is that Chinese donghua where the opening gets more popularity than the actual show. My review is a realistic experience of the show and not some distorted viewpoint based on reputation or abstract visuals.

Lu Shu, an orphan abandoned by his Mother grew up in poverty with an adopted little sister Lu Xiaoyu struggling to gather money for their tuition. However, it all changes when Lu Shu is hit by a truck and dies in an accident. Activating powers passed on from his Mother, Lu Shu is revived and gets granted a Gacha System where he earns points from angering or intimidating  read more